What’s Happening with “Quick Calc” in Power BI?

In the Power BI Desktop update last May, Microsoft released “Quick Calc”. As a convenient feature that eliminates the need to write a custom DAX expression for a simple percent of total calculation, it was lauded at the time of release. Does Quick Calc have a future with the addition of more convenient built-in calculations? I hope so.

Power BI with ArcGIS Maps on the BlueGranite Blog

Over time, this personal blog (somehow) became a Power BI mapping blog. As a result, it would seem odd to not address the newly announced Esri collaboration and ArcGIS Maps for Power BI here. My thoughts on the announcement from the Microsoft Ignite conference, however, have been expressed on the BlueGranite blog. Take a look: https://www.blue-granite.com/blog/power-bi-arcgis-maps-closes-a-critical-gap Once the…